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Lets start by saying that we understand the importance of sustainable forestry.

France has been utilising sustainable forestry for over 300 years and that is why they have a huge availability of french oak.

America with their vast land has been able to grow the American Oak species for the last 100 years whilst learning from Englands mistakes. America have committed to a sustainable Oak forestry campaign that ensures for every tree cut down a new tree will take its place.

England sadly is a different story. The English oak species is under threat. The boat building industry grew immensely in 19th century and as a consequence our Oak trees have been harvested to a level that was unsustainable. British policy has changed but it is expected that our sustainable projects will take another 80 years before we have a fully matured sustainable oak forestry scheme.

Oaks produce one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet, even its Latin name, Quercus robur, means strength. However, it takes up to 150 years before an oak is ready to use in construction. It has been a prized hardwood timber for thousands of years, was the primary ship building material until the mid-19th century and remains a popular wood for architectural beams. Modern uses of English oak include flooring, wine barrels and firewood.

With these facts in place European Oak (French Oak and Croatian Oak) (more character grain and honey coloured) are where we have chosen to source our Oak.

We guarantee that we only utilise Oak timer from sustainable resource. We love Oak and long may it live!